Our Services

Crack & Long Seam Weld Integrity Management

Ensuring the structural integrity of pipelines with cracks in an integrated and systematic way

Dent & Mechanical Damage Integrity Management

Demonstrating the structural integrity of pipelines with dents and dents with damage in an integrated and systematic way

Fatigue Management

Predicting fatigue crack growth behavior and analyzing the fatigue response of dents

Fracture Mechanics Evaluations

Evaluating the conditions and material behavior that can lead to fracture and fracture propagation of pipelines

Training Courses and Workshops

Empowering organizations and professionals through knowledge sharing

ELEVARA Partners is an internationally recognized consulting firm in the areas of measuring, analyzing, predicting and verifying the performance of energy pipelines with cracks, crack-like features and dents

Alliance Partners

When a multidisciplinary approach or complimentary expertise is needed, we associate with colleagues and companies at the top of their fields who possess extraordinary technical and operational expertise and ingenuity

Hill Engineering

When there is a need for advanced fatigue crack growth computational analysis and residual stresses measurements, we reach out to Hill Engineering. They are experts in fatigue and fracture experimental testing and Finite Element Analysis predictions

Anderson & Associates

Anderson and Associates performs high quality mechanical testing and metallurgical failure analysis services. We reach out to them for routine mechanical tensile tests and advanced fracture toughness and fatigue testing as well as for metallurgical failure analysis expertise

Integral Engineering

A probabilistic engineering analysis is a more rigorous approach but offers more meaningful results when evaluating defects and damage on pipelines. To stay up to date on the latest probabilistic techniques and methods and to elevate our probabilistic analyses, we team up with Integral Engineering

ADV Integrity

We team up with Chris Alexander when designing and executing full-scale experimental testing of pipeline samples with cracks and dents with damage. We collaborate in the review, evaluation and testing of emerging technologies for pipeline applications


The in-ditch Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) and characterization of defects is a significant aspect of an ILI validation performance and for evaluating repair options. We trust in the experience and technologies of RCS NDE for field evaluation of cracks, crack-like features and long seam weld anomalies

Ralf Weber ILI Consulting

We work with Ralf Weber ILI Consulting when performing independent ILI Crack tools data analysis and validation performance. Mr. Weber and his team are experienced in reviewing UTCD and EMAT data sets and proof ups of reported features